Asia Financial Risk Think Tank Providing the platform for the industry thought leaders and professionals to exchange ideas and exploit the next level of knowledge in and best practice in finance and risk management

Asia Financial Risk Think Tank (“The Think Tank”) is one of the top 3 global institutions focusing on financial risk management which is formed by a group of experienced industry practitioners, research analysts, government agencies and universities professors. It is an expert-led, not-for-profit organization to facilitate communication between the industry, the universities, the government and media. The Think Tank is based in Hong Kong and covers Asia Pacific. Since its formation in 2011, it follows the principles to - Uphold full independence and adopt neutral view to represent our own position in research and articles writing - Endeavour to produce high quality research to enable better risk management decisions - Deliver business sensible solution to foster economic growth and innovation - Appreciate the common social objectives and enhance the public awareness on risk management - Expedite open, constructive and nifty dialogue between stakeholders on finance and risk related topics The deliverables are in the form of high quality and professional articles, research reports and whitepapers which are published in international media platform. Theme based papers are bundled in a series of journal and books.

Regularly compile and publish risk index and risk rating, for the risk assessment and prevention to provide professional reference,risk index and rating are useful in preventing financial risks and coordinating for better economic development.

Based on the value of openness, the Think Tank has formed strategic partnership with the following bodies to conduct research and seminars: - Professional associations - Financial institutions - Universities - Regulators - Service vendors - The Press It is one of the most recognized professional institution in finance and risk management by the industry, the government and the public to network and analyze important matters.