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The reasons leading the macro-economic risks are complex and multidimensional. Normally, one single factor cannot cause huge economic fluctuations and instability but a combination of different factors could do. Under different economic conditions, the impact of various factors on macro-economic risks is not the identical. In some cases, certain factors play more leading and decisive role whereas in other time, other factors are more prominent. The formation and development of macro-economic risks is closely linked to the development of the economy itself.  , in the early stage of economic development, the macro-economic risk is relatively small, because the economy scale itself is also small, the commercialization and marketization of the economy low, the degree of economic planning is higher, the role of government's intervention and management of the economy is relatively stronger, thus the risk level of macro-economy is more contained (at least during that period).

When the economy develops, the type and structure of macro-economic risk are changing, which will lead to the emergence of new economic problems. When the economic development level is low and the economy is just open to the outside world, the influence of international economic factors on that economy is less important which reduces the macro-economic risk to limited extent. However, with the increasing economic development, the commercialization, marketization, market openness and internationalization of the economy are gradually increased, then the endogenous interference factors of the economic system are also increased, which may result in a relatively large macro-economic risk. With the acceleration of economic globalization and the development of world economic integration, the degree of macro-economic risk is also increasing, the outbreak of the international financial crisis in the 1990s is a good example of the consequence.

Asia Financial Risk Think Tank focuses on the analysis of the impact of various international factors driving Asian and international macro-economic risks, such as market opening, regulatory change, economic integration, economic influence transmission channels, economic system development, economic environment, international coordination and political environment, etc.