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As a new force sweeping through the financial industry, financial technology (fintech) has pushed the financial industry to change, create new business model and operate differently. The impact and risk cannot be ignored. Therefore, we must understand the development of financial technology, its rule of dispersion and the relationship between development and safety of financial technology. If the advanced technology is used improperly in the financial field, it could create superposition of financial risks and technical risks that create shock to financial activities and financial industry. Fintech can make risk more complicated and non-transparent in the new environment of cross-sectoral, cross-market and cross-location product offering by financial and non-financial institution which is a recall of 2008 U.S. subprime mortgage crisis. Fintech has further accumulated the risk of technology dependence and network security risks in financial services infrastructure. Considering the rapid spread of fintech risks, the difficulty of supervision and the wide penetration, Asia Financial Risk Think Tank actively monitors the potential risk factors arisen in innovation and application of major fintech such as cloud computing, big data, biometrics, artificial intelligence, blockchains, etc. and proposes risk mitigation plan.